Robust design in a portable package. MOBILE pro features a lightweight cable reel and built-in 12" monitor with dual joystick control of the C 135 crawler. A professional and cost effective solution that can fit on an ATV. MOBILE PRO Introducing rausch-tab View Mobile Pro PORTABLE UNITS: The Omicron combines two worlds in one TV inspection system and is the first system in the world in full HD for pipe and sewer inspections in push and crawler operation. OMICRON PORTABLE UNITS: VIEW PRODUCT RCA 4.0 Full HD is a pivotal component in the mainline and lateral launch camera systems. Application range: 6" to 98" pipe diameter. & Lateral Systems FULL HD in MAINLINE, Laser, View RCA 4.0 HD The minCam mc50 Duo push system features a dual reel design: two cable reels and two cameras, in one compact mobile unit. Camera System minCam Push COMPARE SYSTEMS The brand-new LATRAS lateral tracking system is a modular upgrade to the Rausch USA M-Series product line for the automatic measuring and GPS documentation of pipe laterals. Lateral Tracking LATRAS View Latras QuickLock is a strictly mechanical point repair system for the inside repair of pipes. No resin is involved. Through the manhole the sleeve is inserted into the pipe and placed over the damaged section. POINT REPAIR QUICKLOCK View QUICKLOCK Request a Quote

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